We, the Garriott Road Church of Christ in Enid, Oklahoma, are committed to teaching the Bible as the inspired Word of God. We are serious about our responsibility. We feel like a person can never know enough about God’s word so we have classes from infants through senior adult.

We have been blessed with teachers who not only have the talent to teach but also the willingness to use it and expand it for God’s glory. In order to help our teachers do the best they can, we have a teacher resource room with specially prepared visual and teaching aids.

At Garriott Road we love our young people. We have programs designed for the spiritual and fellowship needs of our Cradle Roll thru Senior High.

We are very interested in helping those in the Enid, Oklahoma area and abroad, who are less fortunate than we are. When Jesus said, “By this shall all men know you are my disciples, if you love one another,” (John 13:34-35) we take him seriously. There are many people who have been fed, clothed, visited and kept warm because God saw fit to put us where we are.

To fulfill the will of Jesus in helping those who are struggling, we have a well-equipped clothing room. We have clothing giveaways the last Thursday of every month, but we are available at other times for emergencies. This is open to the Enid community, as well as our surrounding areas in Northwest Oklahoma.  We also have an emergency food pantry to assist those who are in need, as well as collecting food for Westview Boys’ Home and Hope Harbor.

We are the sole support for Elio Vergara as he preaches the gospel in Panama. He, his wife, and two daughters work and worship with the church in Vista Alegre, just outside Panama City. He works very closely with other missionaries and congregations.

We help support John Anthony & Kristen Renwick in Aberdeen, Scotland. They have a son, Brennan.

We also help support Aaron & Cindy Baker in Vanuatu. They have two daughters, Kaela & Melia.

In January 2008, we supported Body and Soul Ministies in Sudan, Africa.  A donation was given to treat 3000 patients in medical, dental, and eye clinics.

Other mission areas include, Christian Services of OklahomaHigh Plains Children’s HomeWestview Boys Home, In SEARCH of the Lord’s Way,  Lariat Creek Christian Camp, Church of Christ in Granby, CO. and Brittany Beckloff in Peru.

We are involved in the ministry of World Bible School. We feel this is an excellent outreach tool to not only the Enid, Oklahoma area, but worldwide. Through our involvement, we have seen many souls come to the Lord. The ministry has been updated with computers to create a time efficient means of grading lessons and writing letters to students.

As an effort to foster fellowship in our congregation, we have divided ourselves into two Care Groups. These groups help us keep up with special needs within the congregation. The “Care Groups” are an effective ministry, which include the entire congregation, offering fellowship and lending a hand to our brothers and sisters when the need arises.

“Care & Share” is a vital ministry designed specifically to aid members of our congregation who fall on hard times. “Care & Share” is a fund, provided by members of the congregation, on a voluntary basis, separate from the weekly contribution and planned budget.

Not everything we do is in the realm of Bible study. We are also a people who believe God created us to enjoy a balanced, well-rounded life. During the summer there is a men’s softball team and a coed softball team. However, it is not unusual to see the church enjoying each others company in various ways. That might include a round of golf or just a shared meal. The important thing is that we just simply love each other and like being around one another.

May we never loose sight of who we are. We are a congregation of baptized believers in Enid, Oklahoma, with local leadership. We serve one Lord, have one God, and share one Faith which includes one Hope. We are glad you have given us the opportunity of sharing it with you!