We, at Garriott Road have a very rich and full history as a congregation of the Lord’s people. God has blessed us in times past and we are confident he will continue to bless us in the times to come.


Enid was established in 1893 during the Cherokee Strip Land Run. By 1900 the population was 3,444. In 1907, when statehood was recognized, Enid had grown to over 10,000 citizens. A few years later, in 1910, the first seeds of the Church of Christ in this area began to flourish.

1910: A small group of Christians began meeting in a public building in the 300 block of East Randolph. Estella Priest was a member of this group.

1911-12: This small group continued to meet and worship in private homes.

1913:Meetings were held in the basement of Grammont Bakery on N. Fifth St.

1914:Brother S.A. Bell from Cordell, OK, preached in a tent meeting. Afterwards, members began meeting in the basement of the court house.

Also during this year, a congregation began meeting inWaukomis. Early members included: Marie Martin, Ruth Lovell, Stella Wilson, Earnest & Laura Lindell, Doc & Mrs. Isbell, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Stark, Joe Young, Sylvia Walter, Lee & Elsie Thorp, Martha Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Seiber, Gladys Watson, Mr. & Mrs. Laymon (he was the carpenter who constructed most of their building, Violet Goodwin, Ernest & Noreen Seibert. J. W. McGrew was baptized by Clyde Findley in a 1946 summer meeting. Other later members of the Waukomis congregation included: Martha, Gladys, and Erma McGrew, Nellie McGrew Richards, Geneva Carnell, and Lucille McCord.

1916:The T.F. Grogan family moved to Enid from Cordell and Sister Bell told them of the meeting held here. They began to meet with the B.F. Carruth family in their home at 1128 N. Jefferson. They struggled for several years meeting in each other’s homes.

1923:Brother Martin from Winfield, Kansas, arrived to start a congregation. The first Sunday, they met in the home of Sister Martha Wilson, 820 E. Elm, with eleven members. In January, 1923, The Enid church of Christ held its 1st meeting for public worship in the

Seventh Day Adventist Church building at Randolph & Quincy. During this time, Brother B. Roy Daniel moved to Enid. The congregation continued to meet regularly each Lord’s Day, but there was no permanent leadership in the group.

1931:In July, Brother A.S. Croom moved his family to Enid. The congregation now totaled about twenty-five members.

1934:Brother Croom and Brother Daniel decided to acquire property for a permanent meeting place. A land purchase was made September 1, 1934. The acquired land was located at Wabash & Independence. BrotherCroom remained in Enid for seventeen years as a manager for The Equitable Life of New York. Many year later, in a biographical sketch in “Man’s Salvation by God’s Grace,” Brother Croom stated his belief that hisyears of service to the church in Enid were among the most productive and valuable of his life. During his tenure in Enid, for which he never received renumeration, he witnessed the Lord’s church developing fromtwelve members (mainly women and children) meeting in a small rented building.

1937:In March, the long-awaited building was begun. Harvey Dykes, Sr. was hired to oversee the construction. Much of the labor was donated by church members. The initial cost of the building was $3,272.50 for materials and $993.90 for labor. The church finally met for worship in the new house the first Sunday in August and evening services were begun. Later, new furniture was bought and concrete steps were added at the entrance. In 1941, an annex was added for classrooms

Early officers in the church were as follows.

Elders: A.S. Croom, B. Roy Daniel, Earl Fourier, P.D. McClung and Art Robbins.

Deacons included: George Kimmel, Tandy Grogan, A.R. Bowles and Everitt Pickens.

1938:William H. Boaz was the first regular minister, coming to work with the congregation in June and staying for twoyears. Some ministers who followed were: Buford Holt, Herbert Broaddus, Clyde Findley, K.C. Moser andHoyt Bailey. In 1938, the first directory was published with 78 members.

1940:In October, Buford Holt came to work with the church and remained until March, 1942. Herbert Broaddusbegan his work with the congregation in May, 1943 and continued until July, 1945. A new directory waspublished in 1945which listed 159 members.

1944:Membership was 136.

1945:Clyde Findlay came from Texas to work with the local group in September, and remained in Enid until December.

1945-47:During those two years, two lectureship series were held which featured many well-known men in thebrotherhood including: Colman Overby, Otis Gatewood, A.G. Hobbs, Charles Tinius, K.C. Moser, Raymond Kelsey, Delmar Owens, W.S. Boyet, George Jones, Orian Hicks, and Ted Norton. Two singing schools were also conducted, one in 1945 by Tillet S. Teddle and another in 1947 by Wilkin Alcon. In August, 1945, Brother Findlay conducted an outdoor meeting on a rented vacant lot on N. 10th Street.

1948:K.C. Moser from Oklahoma City worked with the church from January, 1948 until June, 1950. During this time, lots were purchased for a new building at 729 E. Maine. A new directory was published with 189 members.

1950:Hoyt Bailey labored with the congregation from June 1950 until October 1951. Plans for the new buildingcontinued and it was erected with much of the work being done by members.

1951:September 30 was the first meeting in the newly completed building. An “All Day Open House” service washeld to celebrate the completion of the building effort. Many Christians from surrounding areas were on handto enjoy the fellowship.

It is of interest to note some of the members who were active supporters in building the first church of Christ structure in Enid including: Estella Priest; Effie Grogan and her daughters Fern Simon, Laverne Giles, and Elizabeth Giles; Art & Cora Robbins and their daughter Vivian Scoggin; Edith McKee and her daughter Dorothy Stiles; Olive Hittle and her daughter Violet Carroll, and Wesley & Ada Payne.

1952:A group of about 18-20 repurchased the property at Independence & Wabash. Brother E.L. Stumbo helped establish this congregation.

1954:A building was begun in April 1954, which was located on South Enid Boulevard. This was at the request of a few black brethren who wanted a place of worship in their own neighborhood. This work never really caught on. It drifted into error through the teaching of Roy Hughes, a black preacher who “worked around town” and preached for the small group. Since most of the debt incurred in constructing the building had been paid by the E. Maine congregation, the trustees of the S. Enid Boulevard church (Grant Prince, Earnest Dykes, and Elmer Bland) transferred the property to the elders of the E. Maine congregation in 1974. Because of an inability to correct doctrinal error, and because only a few were still using the facility, arrangements were made to sell the building for $12,000. It sold in 1975 and proceeds in full from its sale were donated to a mission work in Conway, New Hampshire.



1958:The church at Independence and Wabash completed their new building at 2717 W. Broadway. The East Maine congregation purchased extra lots near the building for additional parking.

1959:After a joint meeting of the two congregations, fifteen families moved to West Broadway to strengthen the congregation.

1960:Elders and deacons were appointed. Elders included: Earl Fourier, Wesley Payne and Farrell Stiles. Deacons were: Charles Baker, Albert Boon, Lloyd Brown, Joe Davis, Gene Martin, Glenn McFarland, Winston Lugar,Henry Senters, Dean Stites and Charles Sturgeon.

1962:In January, Brother Homer Anderson began his work with the W. Broadway congregation and, once again, it began to grow. During the time Brother Anderson served in Enid , a lectureship was conducted and revival meetings featuring Mac Layton and Milton Simmons were held.

1963:Nine classrooms were added to the building.

1964:A committee of Charles Baker, Gene Martin and Dean Stites was appointed to oversee the building of anew structure. Five acres were purchased and construction began at 3601 West Lahoma Road.

1965:The first service in the new building was held June 13.An Open House and dedication were conducted on August 22.

1968:Homer Anderson left Enid to spend five years in Australia as a missionary. He was sponsored by the LahomaRoad congregation. George Sullivan became the minister.

1971:George Mayfield became preacher when George Sullivan moved to Hennessey.

1973:For the first time, the congregation had two full-time ministers when Paul King was named Youth andEducation Director. In August, Lendal Bolin moved from Wichita Falls, Texas, to become minister when George Mayfield returned to Des Moines, Iowa. The average attendance for Sunday morning services was 249.

On October 10 came the BIG FLOOD of 73. The congregation earned a reputation as a benevolent leader in the community.

1974:A 40 x 80 Benevolent building was erected on East side of the property. A bus ministry was started late in the year. The average Sunday morning attendance for worship was 253.

1975:BONDS PAID OFF. A balloon note was refinanced. The goal was “65 by 75.” About $38,000 was financed for two years. Lahoma Road was renamed Owen K. Garriott Road to honor a famous Enid astronaut. The church was officially registered as “Church of Christ on West Garriott.” In November, a BUS MINISTRY was started again in another area. The average attendance of morning services stayed steady at 252.

1976:David Gotcher moved from Prescott, Arizona, to work with Bus Ministry and Youth when Paul King resigned to accept a position in another field of work. The average attendance grew to 300 in Sunday morning worship services.

1977:The educational wing of the building was completed. Jerry Monroe moved from Garden City, Kansas, to work with the bus ministry and youth when David Gotcher moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Mother’s Day goal for Bible Classes: “403 Plus You and Me.” New records were set for Bible class (467) and for worship (550). The average Sunday morning attendance grew again to 377.


Homecoming was held June 4–5. The final mortgage was burned. Five acres were purchased adjoining the five acres on Garriott Rd. and ground was broken on a new two-story classroom addition.October 16 became a day to remember. A special contribution was taken to defray building costs. It totaledan amazing $253,480.00 which included more than 29,000 pennies and about an equal number of nickels.It is fondly recalled as a time when love, unity and faith reached a peak for the congregation in preparation forthe special contribution. As a result of the special collection, the building and land were completely paid and the congregation felt abundantly blessed.

1978:Classes began using the new educational wing in February. Beginning in August and continuing until 1983 Enid Christian School was housed in the Garriott Rd. building. Throughout the five years, kindergarten through ninth grade was taught. Mike Gray and Lorine Craddock were principals. Also during this year, a city-wide Campaign for Christ was conducted with the 8th & Maine congregation. In order to pave the parking lot, another special collection was taken in December which totaled $26,000. Also in December, Rob Dopps arrived from Tulsa to work with the bus ministry to replace Jerry Monroe who left in June. The bus ministry consisted of 10 Joy Buses, 2 Joy Buggies, and 1 Benevolent van. A new Sunday morning worship attendance record of 654 was established along with an average attendance of 431.

1979:A new attendance record of 656 was achieved while maintaining an average attendance of 457.

1980:Discussion began to consider an additional wing due to the growth of the congregation. The average attendance soars to 487.

1981:Rob Dopps resigned to enter chiropractic school. Stan Sears returned from his mission work in Renton, Washington to work as Involvement Minister. The average attendance dropped slightly to 461.

1982: Joe Duarte became the Bus Minister in January, but left in June to pursue a secular job and to preach for a small, nearby congregation. Dan Mincy became the Education Minister in September. A new attendance record of 693 was set and stands to this day, an average attendance of 477 was carried for the year.

1983:Ground was broken of June 5, 1983, for the third phase of the building, the “Family Life Center.” The vision was to accommodate a ten year period of growth. Special “Building Fund” contributions began on October 16, 1983 and grew to $174,066.58 by

April 15, 1984 –GOAL DAY! On that day another $101,959.13 was donated. This included more than 40,000 pennies!!! At this point, the new foyer, kitchen, bathrooms, Fireside Room, and a few more classrooms were completed. The upstairs and the “Great Room were to be finished as funds became available. Once again, the unity and hard work of the congregation, together with blessing from the Lord, allowed the success of a 24,000 square foot vision. Jerry Wert became the Bus Minister. The average attendance climbs to 490, the highest average recorded.

1984:Robert Heil came to work with the congregation as pulpit minister.

1986:Bud Brandon served as full time minister.

1987:The first Ladies’ Day was held in April and all area congregations were invited. The M.O.M.S. from Wayne,Oklahoma, provided entertainment.

1989:Jim Bullock came from Poplar Avenue in Wichita to begin working with the congregation as pulpit minister. He and his wife Debbie had two daughters. Jim resigned in 1991 to accept a preaching position in Arkansas.

1992:Jerry Campbell came to Garriott Rd. from Gilmer, Texas, to begin serving as full-time minister. Jerry and his wife Barbara had four adult children. Jerry retired in 1999.

1995:Brad Minor arrived at Garriott Road to serve as our Youth Minister for about one year.

2000:Ray Rose came to Garriott Rd. from Iowa to begin serving as full-time minister. He and his wife Teresa have three children. They continue to serve the congregation to this day.

2001:The mortgage obligation on the property and building at 3601 W. Garriott Rd. was completed. The congregation held a final mortgage burning celebration.

2004:Robert Heyen began his duties as full-time Youth Minister on January 1st. He and his wife Molly have four children. Robert and family moved to the Houston area in May of 2009 to work as an outreach minister.

2009: Michael Parks arrived at Garriott Road in June to serve as our Youth Minister.

2013: Matthew Cameron came to Garriott Road from Texas to begin serving as full-time Youth and Family Minister. He and his wife Christi have two children.

As of October 2008, the congregation

Supports mission and benevolent efforts in the following locations:

Elio & Serifina Vergara in Panama

Missouri Bible College

Church of Christ in Granby, Colorado

Brittany Beckloff in Lima, Peru

John & Kristen Renwick in Scotland

Oklahoma Christian Services

High Plains Childrens Home in Amirillo

Lariat Creek Christian Camp

Westview Boys Home in Hollis, OK

Aaron & Cindy Baker in Vanuatu

In Search of the Lords Way Television Program

Has made several improvements to the building within the past 2 years, including new carpeting in halls and fellowship areas, new tile for the kitchen and entryways, sound system, auditorium, foyer, and classroom facelifts, and more.

Has Three Elders: Bart Clowdus, Clint Petty, and Randy Williams

Has 9 Deacons: Kevin Baird, Roger Gaddie, Rick Goben, Kerry Hime, Jerry Lorenz, Don Myers, Eldon Stephens, David Stiles, and Joe Hammond.

Darrell Senters serves as Director of Missions.

Robert Heyen and Ray Rose serve as Directors of Education.



Brother Stumbo1952 – 1960

Howard Woolridge1960 – 1962

Homer Anderson1962 – 1967

George Sullivan1967 – 1969

George Mayfield1969 – 1973

Lendal Bolin1973 – 1984

Robert Heil1984 – 1986

Bud Brandon1986 – 1989

Jim Bullock1989 – 1992

Jerry Campbell1992 – 2000

Ray Rose2000 – Present




Paul King 1973 – 1975Youth

David Gotcher 1976 – 1977Bus

Jerry Monroe 1977 – 1978Bus

Rob Dopps 1978 – 1981Bus

Stan Sears 1981 – 1982Involvement

Joe Duarte 1982 – 1982Bus

Dan Mincy 1982 – 1983 Education

Jerry Wert 1983 – 1985 Bus

Tory Tredway Summer 1983 Youth

John Umble 1988 – 1989 Interim Pulpit

Bob Kish1991 – 1993 Prison, South 3rd, Interim Pulpit

Bill Springer1993 – 1998 South 3rd, Prison

Brad Mino r1995 – 1996 Youth

Benjamin Stewart 2001 – 2001 Youth

Robert Heyen 2004 -2009 Family & Youth

Michael Parks 2009 – 2011 Family & Youth

Matthew Cameron – 2013 to present Family & Youth



Maxine Sturgeon

Lynn Layton

Marilyn Myers

Becky Clark

Sarah Hooton

Tony Taylor

Cissy Duarte

April Ford

Aleta Koon

Lynn Diel

Dorothy Stiles

Betty Lou Stephens

Joy McCoy

Dodee Hammond

Dana Roebuck

Heather Mendenhall

Patsy Gritz

Michelle Matlock

Tamera Mills



Earl Fourier 1960

Farrel Stiles1960

Wesley Payne 1960

Charles Baker 1966

Dean Stites 1968

Charles Sturgeon 1973

Jerry Hager 1977

Al Postelwait 1977

Lloyd Stephens 1977

Lloyd Mills 1984

Carl Wessel 1984

Rudy Jimenez 1995

Jack Miller 1995

Jack Goodpasture 1998

Jerry Hager 2000

Randy Williams 2003

Bart Clowdus 2007

Clint Petty 2007

Kevin Baird 2009



Albert Boon 1960

Lloyd Brown 1960

Winston Lugar 1960

Gene Martin 1960

Henry Senters 1960

Dean Stites 1960

Charles Sturgeon 1960

Charles Baker 1960

Glenn McFarland 1960

Joe Davis 1960

Dillon Anders 1966

Thurman Edwards 1966

Willis Hood 1966

James Locke 1966

Farris Scoggin 1966

Novy Woolbright 1966

Jim Easley 1968

Art Grice 1968

Don Myers 1968

Al Postelwait 1968

Cecil Carroll 1968

Jack Touchstone 1968

Paul Cox 1973

Jerry Hagar 1973

Chuck Hanson 1973

Harold Johnson 1973

Lloyd Stephens 1973

Clyde Thatcher 1973

Joe Ray Thomas 1973

Carl Wessel 1973

Bob Anthony 1983

Wayne Brown 1983

J.C. Burch 1983

David Burford 1983

Jim Comer 1983

Gerald Craddock 1983

Jerry Fleming 1983

Dan McMillan 1983

Ron Nelson 1983

Darrel Phillips 1983

George Sullivan 1983

Ron Unruh 1983

Allen Wiederstein 1983

Gary Williams 1983

Randy Williams 1983

David Berryhill 1983

Steve Clark 1983

Richard Ford 1983

Jack Frye 1983

Troy Hillard 1983

Lloyd Mills 1983

Brent Dittmeyer 1984

Larry Hayes 1984

Bob Ita 1984

Rudy Jimenez 1984

John Randolph 1984

Randy Strunk 1984

David Tomberlin 1984

Stan Baldwin 1990

Terry Edmonson 1990

Joe Duarte 1990

Kevin Baird 1990

Tim Jumper 1990

Wayne Williams 1990

Jack Miller 1992

David Stiles 1999

Richard Kliewer 2002

Bart Clowdus 2007

Roger Gaddie 2007

Rick Goben 2007

Kerry Hime 2007

Jerry Lorenz 2007

Eldon Stephens 2007

Joe Hammond 2008